***OPEN THURSDAY-MONDAY 11am-9pm or SELL OUT, To-Go Only***

We do not carry cash. Digital payment preferred.

Pizza Head serves 20 inch NYC style pies, slices, and cheap beer in a can.  We opened in May of 2017 to a line all the way around the block and were blown away by the love.  The energy and pizza are addictive. We love all and serve all. COVID-19 has currently changed our business model. Ordering is now done online or at the door. We don't have dine in at the moment. Pizza Head is located in the heart of the vibrant South Grand business district at 3196 South Grand Blvd. Pizza Head changed ownership in December 2021. 

Pizza Head is ALL VEGETARIAN WITH VEGAN OPTIONS. The only menu item that isn't Vegan is our Dairy Cheese option. ***Note: Pizza Head uses SOY, CASHEWS (TREE NUTS), DAIRY, COCONUT and WHEAT GLUTEN products. Please be aware and use best judgment***


$4.00 PEPPERONI (Vegetarian-Mozzarella)

$3.00 CHEESE (Vegetarian-Mozzarella)

$4.00 VEGAN PEPPERONI (Vegan-Cashew Cheese)

$4.00 SLICE OF THE DAY (Vegan rotating slice - ask us or check our stories on socials)

Online ordering can be done anytime for later pick up

(Last order pickup 8:45, slices until sell out)


        MONDAY 11am-9pm



   THURSDAY 11am-9pm

           FRIDAY 11am-9pm

   SATURDAY 11am-9pm

         SUNDAY 11am-9pm

3196 South Grand Blvd. St. Louis MO 63118




I have an allergy, can I still get pizza?

We can never guarantee no cross contact; please use best judgment when ordering. If we are made aware of an allergy before making your pizza, we can take extra precautions in the kitchen. We can not take these precautions for pizza by the slice. As with any severe or life-threatening allergy, we do not recommend ordering from us. Our kitchen uses soy, cashews (tree nuts), dairy, wheat gluten, and coconut products.

What slices do you have today?

Daily we have dairy cheese, dairy cheese with pepperoni, cashew cheese with pepperoni, and a vegan slice of the day. We post our slice of the day on our Instagram and Facebook stories.

What’s Cashew Cheese?

We make the cashew cheese in house and mix it in with our pizza sauce. Once mixed, it turns out orange and has a ricotta-like texture.  We also have a vegan mozzarella shred that is more of a “traditional” pizza cheese. The cashew cheese is the more popular of the two.

Is the whole menu Vegan?

Pizza Head has always been vegetarian but now everything except for the Dairy Mozzarella Cheese option is vegan.

Can I change the toppings on a Specialty pizza?

We can put a note for the kitchen to try to withhold a topping, but we can’t add or substitute toppings

Do you have inside seating?

Not at this time, but there is a patio around the corner. We’ve been closed on the inside since March 2020. We hope to open for dine-in again later this year.

What’s the Donation thing?

We have two main donation programs. 

Donation Slices: For $3, you can buy a slice for someone in need. Every week we deliver pizzas to St. Patrick Center’s Grace House, a low-barrier, 24-hour, safe-haven facility.

Monday Donation Pizzas: Every Monday we have a Pepperoni Pizza with the pepperonis in a special design (usually ‘314’) and 50% of sales of that pizza go to that Monday’s local organization.

Can I pay with cash?

We accept cash, but we do not carry change. Cash options are: having exact change, being okay with not receiving change, or buying a gift card with cash.

Where can I park?

If you have trouble finding street parking near the restaurant, The South Grand Parking lot is located at 3500 Hartford. It is free to use all year. It's about a 4 minute walk to Pizza Head. The lot is accessible directly from Grand thru Hartford. This has the added bonus of walking past some incredible shops on South Grand, where you can pick up some cool stuff before or after you stop by for pizza.

Who can I talk to about booking the food truck / about a product or service I’m trying to sell / about recommending an organization for Donation Pizza Mondays / about basically anything?

Reach out at hello@pizzahead.com

Are you guys hiring?

Not at the moment, but if you send a resume or work history to resume@pizzahead.com, that’s the first place we look when we need someone.

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