Pizza Head serves large 20 inch NYC style pies, bagels and cheap beer in a can. We also have some plant based retail items. We opened in May of 2017 to a line all the way around the block! We were blown away by the love. The flow hasn't stopped! The energy and pizza is addictive. We love all and serve all. Everyday pizza for everyday people.COVID-19 has changed our business model. Ordering is done online now. Whole pies only. Our online store opens at 7am until 7:30pm or sell out. No dine in or slices at the moment. We are open Tues-Sun 3pm-7:45pm for pick up. We now also sell bagels!!. Pizza Head is located in the heart of the vibrant South Grand business district at 3196 South Grand Blvd. Pizza Head is ALL VEGETARIAN WITH VEGAN OPTIONS. ***Note: Pizza Head uses SOY, CASHEWS (NUTS), DAIRY and WHEAT GLUTEN products. Be aware***

*CLOSED January 1,Thanksgiving Day, December 25


MONDAY - Closed

TUESDAY 3-7:45



FRIDAY 3-7:45


SUNDAY 3-7:45

3196 South Grand Blvd. St. Louis MO 63118


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