Monday  Donation Pizza

Monday Donation Pizzas can be ordered with the choice of Vegan or Dairy cheese and have plant based pepperoni in a design. 50% of proceeds of our Monday Donation Pizzas benefit the following organizations:

11/7: Rock the Vote (VOTE pizza)

11/14: St. Louis Winter Outreach (314 pizza)

11/21: ArchCity Defenders (314 pizza)

11/28: St. Patrick Center (314 pizza)

Buy a Slice for St. Patrick Center

You can purchase a slice to donate on our ordering site or at our door. Slices are rounded up to the nearest pizza (8 slices to a pizza) and  are donated weekly to St. Patrick Center.

Food Waste / Sustainability

Incorrect pizzas and slices not purchased at the end of the night are donated to local food shares. All food shares are free, no questions asked. To receive updates on local food shares, text @stlfood6 to 81010.

We also participate in GiftAMeal. If you take a picture while at Pizza Head on the free GiftAMeal app, GiftAMeal will donate a meal to a local food bank. Participating in the app automatically provides a base level donation, but more pictures taken=more meals donated.

Any food waste that cannot be donated, as well as all of our packaging products, are composted. We are Green Dining Alliance certified.

Blood Drives

Our most recent blood drive was Saturday, November 12 from 11am-4pm, with the ImpactLife mobile blood bus. Please stay tuned for our next date!

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